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Why do some wheels have an ‘b’ or a ‘d’ instead of an ‘a’ ?
Not all durometers are measured the same on the same scale. Some are measured on the A scale, some on the B scale and so on. We’ll try to write up some info about it later on.

I don’t see the wheels I have.
We didn’t add all wheels we found (yet), but we will. Right now we have added 100 brands but there are brands for which we didn’t add all wheels (yet). And we still need to add about 1100 wheels (if we find all the info), so we estimate we’ll get more than 2700 wheels in here.

I can’t find which wheel is best for sliding/downhill/pool/etc.
This will be added later on.

Are you sponsored or affiliated to any wheel brand ?
No, this is an independent site, brought to you by the people who brought you freerides.org.

You are missing ‘this’ info for this wheel.
If you know the missing info, submit it through the form below the wheel. We’ll try to edit it a.s.a.p.